Empowering Men

Helping men break the cycle of recidivism and regain their independence

Our Initiatives

A faith-based re-entry program providing housing, support services, and training to empower and transform the lives of every man completing the program.


Providing safe and stable environment for men transitioning out of prison.

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Providing program participants with life skills and dedicated mentors to provide guidance and support.

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Job Placement

Assisting participants in securing employment through job readiness training and connections with local employers.

Educational Assistance

Providing individuals with the educational tools they need to succeed.

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Support System

Offering unwavering support and guidance throughout the re-entry process.

Job Skills Training

Equipping men with the skills they need to find employment and build a stable future.

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Make a Difference Today

Your support can change the lives of men in need and help us break the cycle of recidivism

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